What Do My Clients Say About Me?

"We couldn't thank Owen Teoh enough for his brilliant mind in putting together the art and science of lighting design for my new office. Everyone in the office loves the new lighting arrangement! His knowledge and attention to detail are impressive, Owen is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss and respond to my concern. I highly recommend Owen to anyone who is looking to craft their space with unique #lighitingstory and experience"
"I had an impossible lighting problem. Owen took the time to diagnose the problem, and recommended the perfect solution. He quickly fixed up the lights for me, and the difference is now (literally) like night and day. His after-sales service is also impeccable. Listen to Owen - we deserve the best working environment, so please make it easier on your eyes and mood. There is no better person to help you achieve that, than Owen."
"I had an opportunity on 1st April afternoon to meet up with Owen with few of my associates. Owen is a Light Specialist which is a very niche market. He gave us a demo of what his services can do for people and businesses. The demo of the light solution he provided really opened our eyes on the how light variation (ambience) can bring out the best of a product's appearance. He did the demo with some paintings and dress (live model). It was great to see how a little tweak on the lighting, can make a lot improvement on the product Business out there, Fashion retailer , Interior Designer, it would be great to see how his services can be of assistance to you to elevate your businesses. Do catch up with him for a demo and you would not regret spending the time."
"As a coach, I spend a lot of time delivering my classes over the screen. Sometimes, at different timing of the day, the natural sunlight that comes through my window onto the webcam might differ tremendously. Owen masterfully guided me remotely, on how to position my lightings, how to angle them and at a specific distance to place them away from me. After a session of lighting consultation from him, I managed to drastically increase the quality of my on-screen presence with some 3D effect highlighting the depth around me. Thank you Owen for your expertise in lighting and your generosity to share it!"
“I am very grateful to Owen Teoh with his expertise in lighting has managed to help me close two difficult artwork sales. My first experience was with Selangor Property in end of 2020, where this customer engaged my services to customized paintings for their Damansara Heights property lobby. To my amazement, my customer was impressed with the final preview artworks and the preview went smooth as butter. My second experience was with an art collector who is very particular with details. The couple came over to my gallery and was very impressed with my artwork. This was really to my amazement as this is a rare case. The lighting consultation provided by Owen Teoh has assisted to give new life to my artwork and the customer is able to feel and also see the details of each and every brush stroke..”
Lim Kok Hong
Founder of Hong Creative Space