Talk to us! There is no project too small or big. 

We listen attentively to all your needs and design with the end result in mind. 

Provide us with your layout plan and the type of mood you would want to set for your space, we will be able to design the lighting system accordingly. In addition, we provide on-site consultations, where we conduct a need assessment to provide our  customers with the best lighting experience and address their requirements.


Not sure how your space would look like with lights? Fret not!

We are able to provide you a 3 dimensional image which is 90% similar to the actual installation. 

Get a feel of how your space would look like even during the design stage. How great is that?

Dialux Design

Actual Site

Fit-out & Commissioning

After having a great design, we see through all our project installations to ensure that it is hassle-free and our customers obtain the effects which they are looking for. 

Our team of highly skilled professional are able to fit-out all your lighting system needs upon request. We abide and comply with the local standards to ensure that our installations are done properly and long lasting.

Lastly, we perform the commissioning of each project to provide quality assurance for our customers that their lighting systems are working in accordance with their requirements and design intent.

Customization and ODM Programme


Normal lighting not to your liking?

Want something special?

Let’s have a discussion on your requirements.
Here at Lighthouz Solutions, we are able to custom design lights for your every need. 

Never look normal again. Be unique!

ODM Programme

Looking for your own BRAND of lighting?

Look no further! We are able to assist you to brand your own lighting with the respective licences and certifications; including local approbations.

You don’t have to spend a bomb on operating and running your own production line.

Let’s have a discussion today.

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