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I help my customers create their own Lighting Story

Owen Teoh, founder of Lighthouz Solutions believes that lighting plays a major role in our daily lives. This is more evident now with many of us spending most of our time indoors where we spend almost all our time illuminated by artificial lights.

He emphasizes on the end result; the lighting effect (mood) that the client would be looking to have for their space. He is dedicated in designing lighting systems that retain their functional edge while working harmoniously in relation to a space or system. He believes that a good design should be cohesive and synergizes with it’s surroundings rather than just a standalone inanimate object.

Armed with nearly two decades of industrial experience accumulated from lighting and manufacturing based industries, Owen Teoh creates spaces that connects with people and can be customized to an individual’s taste. In addition, he is an advocate of sustainable design; designing systems that have minimal impact on our natural resources and provides optimal energy savings.

Message from Owen Teoh

I believe that every space that is lit up by lights is able to tell it’s own unique story (Lighting Story).

Need Help With Your Own Lighting Story?